An analysis of the three aspects of chinese festivals

It is through the practice of this traditional custom that Chinese people experience their native culture and construct their national identity.

In north China, it would be jujube or preserved fruit. The custom of setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival also originated in this period. For instance, long ago when people had a bountiful harvest, they gathered together and celebrated their good fortune with gala performances.

Especially in the age of Deng Xiaoping, People's live changed too much that one can not believe in the early days. Beijing routinely topsand has hit Since the Pre-Qin Dynasty see 2. It became a festival about 2, years ago. More and more Chinese people get their daily food in the super markets.

While some of the most ancient and popular breeds in the world hail from China including the chow, pug, pekingnese, and shih tzuthey have also long been viewed as a food item. In this way, traditional Chinese festivals like the Spring Festival are, to some extent, neglected by many young people and traditional customs are less practiced.

Chinese Culture

But there are still many bicycle users in every streets of city. In City they will go to the funeral parlour to condole the dead and have no more acitivity.

The most recognized is the Mandarin square or rank badge. It was during the Spring Festival time that the husbands returned home to join the whole family and spend about two weeks with them.

Chinese Festivals and Events

They will invite all of the friends and family relatives to take part in their marriage acitivity, including a big dinner and seeing the marriage house as well as playing games or play tricks on the bride or bridegroom, which in Chinese call Nao Dongfang. Then, by comparing and contrasting, the author researches the changes in Spring Festival customs and suggests reasons for these changes.

This practice is convenient and fashionable for the city people, but some think it lacks the atmosphere of the traditional Spring Festival. Apart from the ethnic, geographic, historic, and linguistic ties that unite all the minority people groups in China, traditional festivals are one of the strongest bonds reinforcing the cultural identity of the Chinese nation.

Generally speaking, it can be summarized in four parts: New Year visits became another prevalent practice in the Tang and Song Dynasties. Food for the Spring Festival Spring Festival food is, of course, always more elaborate than at other times of the year Qi Xin 9.

Hundreds of film stars or singer come from Hong Kong and get fame in the mainland of China. When there was a family member died, they wil invite all the frinds and family members or relatives to condole the members died.

The changes in the customs of the Spring Festival are typical examples.

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Reasons for, and implications of, the changes in Spring Festival customs 5. The real estate bubble has burst in much of China, and hundreds of billions of dollars in investments sit empty.

Shopping in China has changed a lot since the open and reform system in China. In the mountainous area, you will see peasants there still use horse or bull to carried their harvest rice or corn.

Instead, bus and trains became the most popular ways to traveling.Chinese new year, Chinese mid-autumn festivals, dragon boat festival, many of them has a long history in China.

According to their origins, China's festivals mainly fall into three categories, agricultural, religious and social festivals.

The Study of Festival Tourism Development of Shanghai Tang Congcong School of Management Combine the meaning of Chinese and foreign festivals, the festivals are defined as the date of the festival is in in the three days of holiday, all the bucket carrying POTS, see water scoop, splash, sight was released and happy.

Traditional Chinese Festivals

The Study of Festival Tourism Development of Shanghai Tang Congcong School of Management Shanghai University of Engineering Science No, Longteng Road Songjiang District Shanghai China Abstract In recent years, the festival tourism as a new form of tourism products in the rapid development of China, won the local governments’ welcome.

However, the current Chinese traditional festivals do not very well to play its role in establishing the core values of modern time, mainly there are three aspects.

First of all, gradually weakening spiritual connotation in the festivals. Chinese New Year (within 15 days of February 5) is also called Spring Festival. It is the most important festival to Chinese people.

China Life Guide

Many activities are held to celebrate the festival, such as dragon dances, setting off firecrackers, making dumplings, etc. Many believe that the Chinese lantern festival began during the first century to honor Buddha. The true birth of this ancient festival is shrouded in mythology and folklore.

The origins of the festivities predate the arrival of Sidhartha Guatama. Like most other Chinese festivals, there is a story /5(3).

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An analysis of the three aspects of chinese festivals
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