The song moon river by johnny mercer and henry mancini

The music is moody and introspective, and Brandon Flowers wastes no time making his position known. This song used the figure of speech apostrophe as the song is basically the persona communicating to the Moon River as if they were having a conversation.

He also recorded two albums of his songs in London inwith the Pete Moore Orchestra and with the Harry Roche Constellation, later compiled into a single album and released as They were two of the best," Mrs Mancini recalled.

The pair also created "Hooray for Spinach", a comic song produced for the film Naughty but Nice in I saw Henry go pale. Mercer's first few jobs were as a bit actor billed as John Mercer. He hunted for records in the black section of Savannah and played such early black jazz greats as Ma RaineyBessie Smithand Louis Armstrong.

The next day Mercer called Joyce to apologize for the line "So, set 'em up, Joe," explaining "I couldn't get your name to rhyme. Moon River lyrics - Song has Special Memories.

Andy Williams - Moon River Lyrics

He was considered a first-rate performer of his own work. Infollowing Hepburn's death, her version was released on an album titled Music from the Films of Audrey Hepburn. How did one of the all time greatest movie songs become one of the most romantic songs ever written is a little confusing.

And it tasted terrible. But it was in the years after his death that things really got interesting.

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Several accounts tells that the Moon River is a real river that is close to heart of the lyricist Johnny Mercer and, it seems that he personified the river and used it as a character in the song.

Over his storied career, Mancini won six Grammy awards plus fourteen additional nominations as well as a slew of Oscar and Golden Globe nominations and wins for his film and stage compositions, among several additional awards.

Recordings[ edit ] "Moon River" was a hit single for Jerry Butler in late ; it reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot chart in December, [11] two weeks before Mancini's recording reached the same chart ranking. Danny Williams had a hit version of the song that reached number one in the UK in the final week of Pooling his meager income with that of his roommates, Mercer managed to keep going, sometimes on little more than oatmeal.

Early life[ edit ] Mercer was born in SavannahGeorgia. As a child, he had picked huckleberries in summer, and connected them with a carefree childhood and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn.

Mercer was invited to the Camel Caravan radio show in New York to sing his hits and create satirical songs with the Benny Goodman orchestra, then becoming the emcee of the nationally broadcast show for several months.

Neither the General, nor Mercer himself, ever lived there. He made his recording debut, singing with Frank Trumbauer's Orchestra, on April 5 of that year. Mercer, as a singer, was attuned to this shift and his style fitted the need perfectly.

Moon River

And the imagery Mercer used in the song felt plenty familiar to her. Mancini had one Oscar nomination to this point: In the final A, the melody stays the same as the first two iterations of A until the final three measures of the tune, "best on the bill, charade," where the formerly downward contour sharply leaps upward to the flat third scale degree also the tonic of the relative major key in the bridgethen resolves down by step to the minor tonic.

A Paramount Pictures executive tried to remove it due to running time, but Audrey Hepburn insisted it stay in the movie.Mercer wrote three sets of lyrics, his favourite version inspired by the full moon over a river near his childhood home in Savannah, Georgia, says Ginny Mancini.

"Moon River" (music by Henry Mancini) for Breakfast at Tiffany's " Days of Wine and Roses " (music by Henry Mancini) for Days of Wine and Roses Mercer was also nominated for Best Original Song Score for the Mancini collaboration Darling Lili.

"A classic song set to modern illustrations for a delightful reminder that friends are with us even in our dreams." ― Kirkus Reviews on Moon River "Hopgood reprises the feel-good style of his other books to create a soothing world full of music notes, rainbows, and friendly faces."Price: The song was originally written for the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Henry Mancini composed the melody, with Johnny Mercer adding lyrics inspired by the moon over a river near his home in Savannah, Georgia. A Paramount Pictures executive tried to remove it due to running time, but Audrey Hepburn insisted it stay in the movie. The river was an inspiration for many Johnny Mercer songs, and it wasn't until after the original words were changed that the "Back River" began being referred to as the "Moon River".

Teresa from Mechelen, Belgium Very beautiful song, my favourtie version is the one. Moon River is a real river in Savannah, Georgia, where Mercer grew up. His home overlooked the river and he had fond memories of the place. At the time, the river was known as The Back River, but was renamed Moon River in honor of the song, and Johnny Mercer's home along the river became known as the Moon River House.

The song moon river by johnny mercer and henry mancini
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