What went wrong with satyam

A comparison of both the firms is shown below focusing on major financial parameters. Will it hit the Indian growth story?

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In a bizarre thought process that wondered about what went wrong and who was responsible, I briefly speculated whether it was all because of Rajiv who wanted computers all over the country or his grandfather who believed that industrialization and modernization were the routes to prosperity.

Satyam ‘deal’: what went wrong

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Raju and his brother — Satyam managing director B. There were truly no bad options. Truth, Lies and Corporate Governance. Will the share buyback instil confidence among investors is another big question.

Auditors all over the world have to necessarily do a few things.Jan 14,  · In a bizarre thought process that wondered about what went wrong and who was responsible, I briefly speculated whether it was all because of Rajiv who wanted computers all over the country or his grandfather who believed that industrialization and.

Having interviewed both companies' chief executives months before their fall, I feel more qualified than most to evaluate that comparison. "India's Enron" is how the country's commentators are (predictably) characterizing Satyam Computers following the resignation this week of its founder and.

Satyam’s auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers issued a terse statement: “Over the last two days, there have been media reports with regard to alleged irregularities in the accounts of Satyam.

Aug 12,  · what went wrong:— Ramalinga Raju was aware of the fact that, sooner than later his planning and scheming was going to be revealed by SEBI, due to massive difference between actual and book value (paper value).

What went wrong? Really I wonder, what went wrong for such an organization which remained entrepreneurial in nature for such a long time, with such a robust management and a huge cash reserves.

Infosys faced everything which could go wrong just in one and half financial years. Here’s a timeline of what went wrong at Satyam. Thirty three-year-old Raju establishes Satyam Computer with his brother and a brother-in-law in Hyderabad.

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What went wrong with satyam
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